Australand   Freshwater Place,
5 storey office block, 2storey mail centre.
Case Meallin   230 Burwood Rd 3 storey concrete factory, street front, asbestos removal
Central West Business Park Pty. Ltd.   Central West Business Park demolition various 3, 2, and single storey brick structures,
comprising a total of 28 buildings.
Fletcher Constructions   MECRS, Parkville 5 storey reinforced concrete, brick veneer structure
total demolition, including asbestos removal.
Hassell Pty. Ltd.   Waterfront demolish and remove two substations on site.
Hudson Conway   Sportscraft 4 storey reinforced concrete structure total demolition
including asbestos removal.
Leighton Properties   Reg Hunt, Moorabbin 3, 2, and single storey buildings, steel reinforced concrete
structures, including asbestos removal.
Lockwood Australia   Lockwood demolition & asbestos removal to car park areas
& various large factories and offices.
Mirvac   Waverley Gardens shopping centre complex strip out, demolition of BiLo/Coles
Pellicano Builders   AGFA street front 2 storey office building, single storey warehouse
office, large warehouse with 3 storey office building & basement.
SJ Higgins   Juvenile Justice Centre three buildings including basement, soft strip out holding cells
Toll Developments   Heinz Factory,
33 metre concrete tower, multiple buildings up to four levels
Vaughan Constructions   Craftsman Press asbestos roof, brick cladding on concrete slab, single storey
asbestos clad section of warehouse, steel framed canopies
This is a sample of some of our projects, each valued between $800,000 and $1,500,000 (AUD)
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