It is the policy of Rafferty The Wrecker to implement and maintain procedures and work practices designed to prevent industrial accidents and minimise the risk from hazards in the work environment.

The aim is to safeguard the health and safety of all employees.

To achieve the aim of the occupational health and safety policy, RTW management will, in consultation with the health and safety representative:-

Develop and maintain a safe work environment and systems of work practices within the scope of legislative provisions, as far as reasonably practical.


Provide adequate instructions, training and supervision of work practices where necessary.

Provide adequate personal protective equipment to protect employees from those hazards, which cannot be otherwise eliminated and substituted.

Conduct systematic audits to identify and eliminate as far as practical those work practices and conditions harmful to employees.

None of the statements and guidelines in this policy or any addition to this policy that may be in place on a particular project, relieves the moral obligation of all


employees to perform his/her duties in a safe manner and prevent injury to any other person.

RTW recognise that the achievement of an effective occupational health and safety program demands the active and positive ongoing involvement of all management and requires the full participation and support of all employees.

All statutory standards will be met and resources applied to implement this policy.


our aim is to always safeguard the health and safety of all employees, prevent industrial accidents and minimise the risk in the work environment

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